Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wrapping Up a Phenomenal Winter Games Experience

It’s bittersweet as the Games here in Vancouver are winding down. I had the opportunity to go to the speedskating Team Pursuit medal round. To see races won or lost by .02 seconds is incredible. The difference between gold and silver is so unbelievably minute — a second feels like an eternity out on the ice!

The race that sticks out for me was when Germany's Anni Friesinger-Postma lost her balance and slid on her stomach for the final 25 meters. She looked more like a swimmer on ice as she crossed the finish line. She started to cry thinking she lost the race but she was able to get her skate across the line (skate has to cross to finish) to beat the U.S. by .23 seconds!

My friend Derek Parra (US Speedskating Head Coach) was in total shock. He told me after the race that Friesinger-Postma did a remarkable job getting her skate across the line but he was pretty bummed about losing the race.

I also caught up with Dave and Renee Wentz again at the USA House. Dave shared his pin collecting hobby with me and talked about it on the video posted above. You have to watch!

The Olympics have been so inspiring. This was my first Winter Games and I am extremely grateful to the USOC for providing me with such great access to current and former Olympians and for hosting me and all of the Olympians at the USA House. I was able to meet so many outstanding people!

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