Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Winter Games in Vancouver: Day 1

A warm greeting!

Today was mostly a travel day from San Francisco to Vancouver. I was able to get the “lay of the land” from Alan and we did a quick tour of the city. What an infectious atmosphere! The Olympic spirit and enthusiasm for the games is everywhere!!

When I was in the Summer Olympics, it was so much different. We were fairly sheltered as we traveled with the men’s team, made up of mostly “rock stars” like Shaq O'Neil, John Stockton, and Charles Barkley, who could not freely roam the event, so we stayed in a hotel, not the athletes village. I feel fortunate to get a totally different feel for the spirit of the Olympics and I love it!

USANA pride

With Alan Bergstrom in Vancouver

Visiting with Miss British Columbia

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