Friday, February 12, 2010

NBA All-Star Weekend (Day 2)

I barely have time to write as we have had so many great events, including wheelchair basketball and several NBA Fit events.

Yesterday was strange — we got 12 inches of snow! Dikembe Mutombo and I were stuck in traffic for 3.5 hours! We only went about 10 miles! The good news is that I got to know Dikembe and I am so impressed with him!

He is so humble and has such a wonderful positive outlook on life. He has built a hospital in Africa with his own money and he continues to be involved in Atlanta and around the globe. Unfortunately the media covers the negative things the players do but the reality is there are far more current and former players like Dikembe who do wonderful things in their communities.

Here are a few photos from our NBA Fit video shoot with WNBA and NBA All-Stars.

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