Tuesday, February 9, 2010

20th Anniversary of Stanford's 1990 Championship

The 1990 championship team

This past weekend my teammates and I were honored for the 20th anniversary of our 1990 NCAA Championship. It started with an incredible dinner, party, and we were recognized by a great crowd at the Stanford-USC game. It is hard to imagine it has been 20 years since we won the title!

Eight members of our team, three of our coaches, support staff, and Andy Geiger our Athletic Director were there — we had not all been together since we won in 1990. Many of our group flew across the country to celebrate.

I am not one to reminisce about past success, but I must admit I had a lot of fun seeing everyone! It was as if no time had passed! I am amazed at all of the wonderful things my teammates are doing now. They are doctors, teachers, coaches, executives, entrepreneurs, moms, lawyers, and best of all great friends after all of these years.

Sports really do bring us together and I can’t think of a better group of women and men to have traveled the journey to the 1990 Championship and beyond. Tara VanDerveer and Amy Tucker, who are still coaches at Stanford, have created a legacy that continues to live within each team since our championship season.

I am so blessed to have been surrounded by such outstanding people! And I continue to be amazed by the success of Stanford Women’s Basketball... I look forward to seeing this Stanford team at the Final Four in San Antonio!

The 1990 championship team and the 2010 team

Honored after the Stanford-USC game

With coach Tara VanDerveer

Team staff and Helen and Peter Bing

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