Friday, May 29, 2009

Hanging With SpongeBob

I never know who I am going to meet!

This is a photo from a recent NBA game. I had to run down SpongeBob and Patrick to take this photo for my niece, Alex. Patrick is her favorite and when I showed her the photo she asked, “Nini (that’s what she calls me), how did you get to meet them?” Too cute!

I am still getting ready for my big trip back “home” in Knoxville for the Hall of Fame induction. I finally got the “memorabilia” together they requested for my display.

I sent the Naismith Trophy as well since I think it will be better there than in a box in my garage. It was a tremendous honor and I think people should get to see one live at the WBHOF.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking a Look Back

I have always had trouble looking back. Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is forcing me to look back at not only my basketball career, but my life.

I don’t like to celebrate what “was” as I want to always strive for what’s next. We can too easily become paralyzed by our own success. Even our identity can be wrapped up in how other people see us at certain times in our lives.

The key to a fruitful life is to build on both our successes and our failures, embrace whatever comes our way and keep moving onward and upward. And worrying about what other people think is a waste of time.

I am trying my best to take time to celebrate and embrace my past. Who knows, maybe I will learn something by taking this journey back...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Teaching Kids That Good Health's No. 1

I had an opportunity to visit Encinal High in Alameda, California, on Friday. John Murray, the Warriors strength and conditioning coach, and I were speaking to the kids about their health and how important it is that you take care of your body by eating right and exercising.

Here's a brief video of my talk as well as a couple of photos (got to love the USANA sweatshirt! This may become my trademark!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Great Day

I spoke yesterday at Mill Valley Middle School. I spoke to the kids about working hard and following their dreams and goals.

The biggest message I hope they remember is to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and move on when they fall or fail. We all make mistakes and get “cut” or make a bad grade. The point of life is to simply be your best and to always give your best effort.

I also spoke to them about being healthy and active. I was a role model myself, wearing my USANA sweatshirt. Education at this age about supplements is vital, especially for young potential athletes who are so easily influenced by the “wrong” stuff.

It was a great day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Helping the Northern Light School

Good morning, everyone.

What a great weekend. Michael Johnson, an Olympic sprinter who's won four gold medals, and I are involved in helping raise funds for the Northern Light School in Oakland, California. The accompanying photo is from a fundraiser we took part in.

The school is privately funded, so they depend on generous donors for their survival. The kids are all from very difficult circumstances, such as no parents, or parents on drugs or who are homeless.

Northern Light provides hope and a first-class education for kids who would never have this kind of opportunity. 97% of their graduates go on to earn college degrees. The success rate is astounding!

It is my pleasure to be able to help the school in any way. Michael is a first-class gentleman who has taken his fame to make the world a better place.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Check out SUCCESS Magazine

Successful entrepreneur, Olympic gold medalist, and USANA Ruby Director Jennifer Azzi is featured in the June 2009 issue of SUCCESS magazine, which is now available on newsstands across the country.

Here's a link to the digital version of the article (Page 1 and Page 2).

In the story, Jennifer talks about how the disciplines she learned through basketball and exercise helped fuel her success in business. She also explains her "two-day rule," in which she never lets two days in a row pass without exercising.

Jennifer touches on a variety of subjects and discusses ways in which she's been able to achieve success. It's definitely worth reading.

Here's the SUCCESS magazine Web site, if you're interested in learning more about the publication.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Education Without Borders

These are videos from my trip to Dubai as a speaker at Education Without Borders. What impressed me was the commitment to education of both boys and girls in the UAE. I had so many stereotypes of life there. After my visit, those were shattered. I was worried about safety and wondered if I would have to wear a burka or cover my head in public, but I found the UAE very open to "foreigners" and other cultures, so I felt very comfortable and safe.

I highly recommend a visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They have done in 40 years what has taken centuries in other countries. They rely on foreign labor and skill to help them develop and put their money into a strong infrastructure. I found people to be extremely open and welcoming. It is hard to imagine just 45 years ago, the Emirati were wandering the desert! Now they have a world class society!

If the video won't play, please click here)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Visiting with an NFL Great!

I had the great pleasure of visiting with former NFL great Ronnie Lott today! Ronnie was a nine-time All-Pro and he won four Super Bowls with the San Francisco 49ers.

He has transferred his skill, passion, and work ethic into a very successful private equity career. He is a friend of mine and an outstanding role model for all!

I had a meeting with him today and gave him a HealthPak 100 and a USANA hat. I hope he will become part of the USANA family!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Interview with ABC7 News

Just wanted to share this interview with ABC7 News. Jennifer will be inducted into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame on June 13 in her home state of Tennessee!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Visiting Fox Sports in L.A.

Hey everyone, just wanted to welcome you back to Jennifer Azzi's official blog. She is going to be super busy this summer, so we thought it would be perfect to revive the blog and let her post about all of the exciting things she's got planned.

First up, Jennifer (a USANA Ruby Director) is in Los Angeles today for an appearance at the Fox Sports studios! Here's a quick pic of her before her meeting, texting from Moe's Cafe (love the American Idol cup; very Hollywood :). Be sure to check back soon for more won't want to miss hearing about the events she's got planned over the next several months.

Here's Jennifer outside the Fox studios after her interview.