Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday in Sonoma: NASCAR!

I got a chance to talk to Juan Pablo Montoya right before the race.

What a blast! I am a new NASCAR fan!

I went into this weekend totally ignorant about NASCAR as I had never been exposed to any events--and I leave with a great appreciation for the sport.

In the “behind the scenes” video (which I'll upload soon) I mentioned the number of laps that a car can go on a set of tires. I found out they last about 30 laps—I said 2. That is how little I knew going into this. They also cost about $1,700 per set!

I was able to stand right next to the Tony Stewart team and talk with their crew during the race. They were all so nice and obviously had a great performance!

As you'll see in the video, I was so close that my foot nearly got hit by a new tire they were putting on Tony’s car. They changed the tires in a flash!

Here are a few photos from Sunday's race (won by Kasey Kahne). Check back for the video!

Here I am talking to a TNT reporter.

Here you get a general sense of the excitement surrounding the race.

Lots of activity going on in the pits.

Here I am talking to members of Jimmie Johnson's crew before the start of the race.

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