Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heading Home

I just did an interview in San Francisco at “Chronicle Live.” The video above is a “behind the scenes” look. Here's where you can find the taped interview (click on "Chronicle Live" on the left).

I had the opportunity to meet Jahvid Best, Cal running back and Heisman candidate. What a great guy! He is so down to earth. I am always impressed when I see young athletes who “get it.” Jahvid was very complimentary of his team and he talked about not getting complacent with his success. He said, “as soon as you settle with your success, it’s over.” Impressive for someone so young. I hope he continues to have a fantastic career. What a great role model!

I was interviewed about heading (back home) to Tennessee for the Hall of Fame induction this Saturday.

I am getting more comfortable with all of this as we near the date of the ceremony. My Dad will be walking me up to the stage. He has been such a strong loving father and I can’t think of anyone better to be my guide, as he has done my whole life. I thank him for having so much love and patience with me.

When I was a freshman at Stanford and we were absolutely terrible, he was so supportive. For Christmas that year, my one gift was from him was a brick (to be placed in the Stanford Brick Garden — fundraising effort) with the inscribed words “Jennifer Azzi, All-American.”

I was so mad! My only gift was a brick and it what was written on it was not even true! I had done nothing. I wasn’t even an All-American in high school! I was at Stanford, we were terrible, losing, no one came to see us play, and he got me an All-American Brick!

Now, looking back, I think he knew something I could not see. I left Stanford as a two-time All-American. He somehow has been able to see things in me that I am unable to grasp.

Anyway, on to Knoxville!

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