Thursday, June 18, 2009

Photos From the Trip Home

OK, so I know I 'm kind of doing these out of order, but the events leading up to the actual induction ceremony were great, so I wanted to post some more photos from my return "home."

Getting ready for the 4K fundraiser race. Gotta have the Rev3!

Stanton Stevens, my Mom, Donna Azzi, Miss Mimms, and my Dad, Jim Azzi before the hall of fame induction ceremony.

My sister, Susanne Kramer. I was so happy she was there with me.

Fellow inductee Sonja Hogg. She was hilarious!

Carol Stiff of ESPN.

Vern Glenn, of Channel 4 in San Francisco, followed me around for a documentary.

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iluvazzi said...

Awesome website, Jennifer! Congratulations on your induction to the WBBHOF. You are so humble and kind, a light that shines on forever.