Monday, June 15, 2009

Reconnecting in Oak Ridge

I just returned to California and I am feeling so overwhelmed by my “induction” but what touched me the most was the people I reconnected with.

My trip “back” was literally breathtaking. I'll be posting some videos and photos soon. One video in particular that is amazing was taken just following my visit to Scarboro Day Care Center in Oak Ridge. In it, you'll see Vern Glenn from Channel 4 in San Francisco, who is following me for a documentary.

The incredible reunion with Miss Mimms, who was the director of the day care center when my sister and I were kids, had no idea we were coming. We also had no idea if she was still alive since we had no address or phone number for her.

To our complete surprise, we found out from one of the older teachers at Scarboro that she still lived in the neighborhood. So we paid her a visit. I am still trying to process all that I this is where I learned to love basketball.

I felt total love and acceptance at the school because of Miss Mimms and the love she gave us. Thank God we found her. My Mom, Dad, Sister and my niece Alex were there with me.

I'll have plenty more from the actual ceremony, which was unbelievable, but I wanted to start with this because it was such an emotional and wonderful experience to reconnect with Miss Mimms.

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