Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NBA All-Star 2008 - Day 2

Today was another great day here in Louisiana.  This morning I spoke at 8:45am at the Get Motivated Seminar in Baton Rouge.  What an incredible experience!  There were about 5,000 excited participants!  I spoke about leadership.  I truly believe we can all lead, and we can start right where we are.  I am bummed because I missed seeing Zig Ziglar as he spoke later in the afternoon, but I was thrilled to have been a part of such an amazing program. I traveled back to New Orleans immediately after I spoke. 
After arriving back in New Orleans, I went for a run. I really enjoy running when I travel. I feel much better to keep up with my fitness while I am on the road.  I simply function better when I exercise!  Durning the afternoon, I was part of an NBA court dedication to the Boys and Girls Club here in New Orleans.  The NBA has funded court renovations all over the city.  Bob Lanier and I hosted the event.  It was such a thrill to see the kids so excited over having a new basketball court!  We followed the court dedication with a kids clinic.  What a terrific day!
This evening, I experienced some New Orleans cuisine followed by a little jazz.  There is so much rich history here.  Outstanding food and great music rounded out a wonderful day. 
My schedule here is packed.  I am thankful to have my supply of USANA supplements with me to keep my energy up!      

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Jeff Iversen said...

Thank you Jennifer for using your success as a platform to encourage the kids of New Orleans to enjoy their youth and to be encouraged amidst so much destruction. Thank you for encouraging the Usana community to give back out of their abundance to those in need.You are truly doing what you were put on this earth to do.

I offer you a story that you might use as you speak to young people. It is a story of finding the good in others and fanning that flame so that it might grow. It is called Who I Am Makes A Difference