Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mom's Workout: Day 1

After the USANA convention in Salt Lake City, I visited with my parents who happen to live in Salt Lake. My mom shared that her cholesterol is 285!!! I have worried about her for years since the number one killer of women is heart disease and she has been relatively sedentary.

Her doctor told her she had two choices — medication or exercise. mom does not want to be on medication, so she is choosing to exercise.

I got her to commit to exercise (walking) 3 to 4 times a week (something she has never done!!). I hope her story will motivate other people who think it is too late to start exercising. It is never to late to take control of our health and our lives!

My Mom is keeping a calendar of her workouts and we are going to re-test her cholesterol at Thanksgiving. Go Mom!

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iluvazzi_8 said...

Good luck to you, Donna! I'm sure you'll do great. You have the best trainer on earth in your daughter.