Friday, August 28, 2009

USANA Convention is the Best!

I am having a blast at USANA’s 2009 International Convention!!! This may be one of my favorite weeks of the year. All of us USANA crazy folks get together to learn and to have a lot of fun! Dr. Wentz spoke yesterday — what an amazingly brilliant scientist, leader and visionary.

Whenever I listen to him, I ask myself — why isn’t everyone taking USANA??? If you are considering USANA I highly recommend attending this event. The credibility is unbelievable!

World class scientists, world class athletes, world class Associates! As a passionate user of USANA products and as an Olympic athlete, I am thrilled at how we are growing and more and more people are discovering USANA! All athletes at every level should be on these products!

My role at convention was to speak and to host the athlete segment on the main stage. To see Derek Parra, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Werner Berger, 72-year-old climber, the oldest North American to climb the seven summits, talk about the difference USANA makes in their lives and their training, gives so much credibility to USANA!

And I am a walking product of the USANA products!

We had a blast on stage. Since not all of the USANA world class athletes could join us, we gave 750 flags to the audience to represent all the world class athletes out there taking USANA. 8,000 associates were on their feet cheering for our athletes! I also have been able to walk around and meet a lot of the new associates...I love their energy and enthusiasm!


iluvazzi_8 said...

Thanks to you, Jennifer! I had never heard of USANA before, so if it wasn't for your testimony of their products I wouldn't have ever tried them.

Samantha Mendoza said...

I had a wonderful time as well at the 5K race: The Children's Hunger Fund Run 2009 right at the Convention. I heard your testimony on the event, the wonderful family experience with Usana people and I even got a picture with you. Thanks for being so kind and sharing your story, it has already touched me twice (once at Puebla and this one) Awesome!!!! I question myself as well why isn´t all of the planet on Usana yet??? We could be healthier!!!!