Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Golfing for a Great Cause

I played in UCSF Medical Center’s Annual Golf Fundraiser at the Presidio in San Francisco. The tournament raises money for hospital programs, namely the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center, where they can do medical procedures on a fetus — miraculous stuff!!!

The tournament was a scramble, so we played the “best ball” on each shot. That’s my kind of golf — the game moves along and it creates a real team effort. I played with Jan Laret, Mark Laret’s (CEO UCSF Medical Center) wife. We had great conversation about healthcare and the future of medical treatments.

With Jan Laret

A breast cancer survivor, Jan is an outstanding woman whom I greatly admire. Fortunately our group was not too serious, so we had a lot of fun. I got an award (a new Blackberry) for the athlete with the “highest score.” I was really excited (thinking wow, my game has improved!!!) until I realized that the LOWEST score is the best!!! It was all in good fun as we did not even keep score...

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iluvazzi_8 said...

Maybe you can get Tiger Woods to help out a fellow Stanford alumni and get him to give you a few tips ;)