Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Carrying the Torch

I carried the torch for the last leg of the torch relay for the Summer National Senior Games. There are 10,000 senior athletes from around the world competing in the Games here at Stanford from now until August 15. I was honored to be chosen as the last runner to pass the torch to the two athletes to light the cauldron to officially begin the Games.

When I got the torch, I had a flood of emotion as I remembered my experience as an Olympian watching the torch enter the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta. Crowds were cheering for me as I held the torch high—I had to hold back tears... It was more exciting than I ever imagined!

I have so much respect for the athletes! I hope to be where they are as I get older. They are role models for what’s possible at any stage of life.

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iluvazzi_8 said...

What a great event! I have no doubt you'll be as athletic and outgoing when you're their age, it's just you!