Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NE3 Provides Energy Boost at 'USANA Night'

USANA’s Team NE3 came to a recent home game at USF. We had a blast! As a USANA Associate, whether you are crossline, downline, or upline, you are a family. That was evident as we had a fantastic time at our game with NE3 in San Francisco!

Our team really needed a boost and they were shocked to have so many screaming fans in our gym! If you've attended a USANA event, you know how loud Next Evolution can get! The season so far has been difficult for us, but NE3 gave us a much needed boost of energy!

After the game I spoke with our USANA Associates and I was asked about the parallels between building a USANA business and building a program at USF. The fundamentals are the same. Success starts with belief! We have to believe we can be successful. My team has to believe they can work hard and win games.

With USANA, you have to first believe in the products! Second, you have to have a vision — see where you want to go. People may think you are crazy, but it is up to you to paint your vision for success and go for it!

Right before that, we welcomed Stanford, my alma mater, to our home court. It was a big night — Stanford coach (whom I played for) Tara VanDerveer was going for her 800th win! Leading up to the game our team received a lot of press (you might have seen links on Facebook). We had articles written about us and the game in the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury News, and by the Associated Press. It's great press for a team like us, who's trying to build a program.

Coach VanDerveer ended up getting her milestone win that night. And even though our team lost, I couldn't be happier for her. As I mention in the articles, I'm working to build a solid foundation for the USF program and I know we can learn a lot from what she's done at Stanford. While we're experiencing some growing pains, we're making excellent progress! I'm looking forward to our next game as we open conference play against Santa Clara on Saturday.

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Tom Doiron said...

Dear Jennifer,

I am cheering for you and your USF team. You are nothing but a winner in my mind.

Wishing You Plenty To Live,
Tom Doiron