Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Exciting Visit from Dusty Baker!

Our team was incredibly fortunate to get to hear from legendary major league manager Dusty Baker before we took the court against Sacramento State last week.

He is an inspiration and a role model for all athletes and coaches! We were lucky to get advice from one of the all-time greats. In the end, as with most things in life, obtaining success on and off the court comes down to preparation, persistence, and hard work.

As a major leaguer, Dusty hit nearly 250 home runs and had more than 1,000 RBIs. His Dodgers won the World Series in 1981. And as a manager, Dusty has won more than 1,400 games in his career. He led the 2002 San Francisco Giants to the National League pennant, and last year his Cincinnati Reds won the NL Central division. He definitely knows what he's talking about!!

Here are a few photos from the pre-game visit.

Now we're getting ready to travel to Logan, Utah, to play Utah State on Wednesday.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for coming to Logan. I was really impressed with your team and staff. Very positive. Everyone seemed to be on the same page. I hope you'll try to come back to Logan again soon - your team put on a good show, and I would pay to see you again. Good luck the rest of the year.