Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What an Experience at the White House!

I was invited to the White House to lead a clinic on behalf of Michelle Obama’s initiative, “Let’s Move,” WNBA Fit, and the Phoenix Mercury. Prior to the clinic, we did a tour of the White House. Following the tour we were greeted by President Obama to honor the Mercury for their WNBA Championship.

After he spoke, he walked over and shook my hand. (Admittedly, my heart was racing a bit...well..a lot) I said, “Hello, I am Jennifer Azzi.” He said, “Jennifer, I know who you are, congratulations.” What?? I was shocked...blew me away! I guess he really is a basketball fan...and he is extremely respectful and complementary of the women’s game.

We talked briefly and then he greeted more people. He has such a kindness, and sincerity about him. And he is one of the most charismatic people I have ever met. What an amazing experience!

Following our meeting with President Obama, we went out to the White House Basketball Court for our clinic. The court is really special, very private, surrounded by lush greenery and a 15-foot fence. This is the place where President Obama, an avid basketball player, shoots hoops. The ball rack is full of balls with his name branded on them.

The players from the Mercury and I worked with 40 boys and girls from a local Y. We were the first ever public event on the White House Basketball Court! In spite of extreme heat and humidity, the clinic was amazing! The kids will never forget being on the White House Court — not many people can say they have had that experience... It was a very special day for all.

Diana Taurasi and Renee Brown

Members of the WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury


Sharon Nani said...

Congratulations, Jennifer! This is SO cool!

Helen Wenley said...

Congratulations on being acknowledged. My 17 year old daughter began playing basketball this year and I became the team's manager. I had not realised what a fast and exciting game it is until now.

Lici said...

Hey Jennifer, that's great! Congrats on meeting the prez. So glad I ran across this and got a chance to catch up on what you're doing these days. Love to hear you're working to support kids' fitness.

Cheers from one of your former housemates at Stanford!

- Alicia Di Rado Dingsdale

http://www.facebook.com/eugenemuscat said...

Congratulations and thank you Jennifer for what you and your colleagues do for our student atletes.

Eugene Muscat, USF '66
School of Business and Professional Studies