Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking a Look Back

I have always had trouble looking back. Getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is forcing me to look back at not only my basketball career, but my life.

I don’t like to celebrate what “was” as I want to always strive for what’s next. We can too easily become paralyzed by our own success. Even our identity can be wrapped up in how other people see us at certain times in our lives.

The key to a fruitful life is to build on both our successes and our failures, embrace whatever comes our way and keep moving onward and upward. And worrying about what other people think is a waste of time.

I am trying my best to take time to celebrate and embrace my past. Who knows, maybe I will learn something by taking this journey back...

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Steph LOISON said...

As you say in the interview, if life is a "continuing process", maybe I would have a chance to meeet you again (something like 17 years later !!!). It made me something when I saw you still have USVO tee-shirt ! Many good memorys ! Something else is so funny : apparently, you have 2 cats : a black and a grey ! Guess : I have 2 cats : a black and a grey ! We didn't change ! Keep beeing the same beautiful person in your heart and if you have time, please give me news.
Steph, your "1992 french sister" !