Sunday, May 10, 2009

Education Without Borders

These are videos from my trip to Dubai as a speaker at Education Without Borders. What impressed me was the commitment to education of both boys and girls in the UAE. I had so many stereotypes of life there. After my visit, those were shattered. I was worried about safety and wondered if I would have to wear a burka or cover my head in public, but I found the UAE very open to "foreigners" and other cultures, so I felt very comfortable and safe.

I highly recommend a visit to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They have done in 40 years what has taken centuries in other countries. They rely on foreign labor and skill to help them develop and put their money into a strong infrastructure. I found people to be extremely open and welcoming. It is hard to imagine just 45 years ago, the Emirati were wandering the desert! Now they have a world class society!

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ilyes EL Ouarzadi said...

What an amazing video! I'm really happy to see that the EWB conference was awesome in 2009 and as a Canadian/Moroccan delegate selected to attend EWB 2011 in Dubai, I really look forward to meeting all the mentors who will be there this year :)

Thanks for sharing this on your blog!