Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Paralympian Trooper Johnson Shares an Unforgettable Message

We recently finished up a fantastic three weeks of camp!

A camp favorite speaker, and my friend, Paralympian Trooper Johnson inspired a group of kids with a message they will never forget:

"When you get knocked down, and you will get knocked down, you have a choice — stay there or get up!"

Trooper was in a car accident when he was 17 and paralyzed from the waist down. He was driving drunk and he suffered injuries that I can not even fathom. He has chosen to share his story to help kids understand the consequences to their actions and that no matter how bad life may get, you always have a choice.

Be sure to tune in to the Paralympic Games in London! Check out Wheelchair Basketball. Those men and women are unbelievably skilled!

In fact, Trooper was undefeated against 10 kids at camp!


Mark Staffieri said...

Very inspiring!

ticia said...

I got a chance to meet you at an USANA event in San Diego. You were very inspiring. Good Luck this year with your team.