Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Best Ever USANA Convention!

The USANA International Convention was the best ever! Every year it feels like a big family reunion. This year I was particularly moved by the 40 associates who climbed Mt. Everest. They were led by Werner Berger, USANA Silver Director and the oldest North American to climb the seven summits. The age range was 18 to 84! Associate Edna Northrup, 84, was the oldest woman to make the climb — breaking a world record!!

Could they have done this without USANA?? They each talked about their reasons and motivation for the climb. Collete Larsen's motivation was to feel what her daughter, who has CF, feels when she is in severe oxygen debt. The stories were all so inspirational — I could not hold back the tears!

Saturday morning we had our annual Children's Hunger Fund 5K. Associates raised over $125,000 for CHF! It was a perfectly gorgeous morning for the thousands of associates who ran with us! Derek Parra is a machine!! I was happy to run and feel great!

As for my part, I was the host of the Athletes segment. I was particularly impressed with the testimonial of Liezel Huber, the No. 1 doubles tennis player in the world. She credits USANA with her rise to the top! Health really is the foundation for sports performance and it is such a pleasure to be able to share the message of true health that USANA provides.

As I begin my coaching career at USF, USANA provides a wonderful partnership for health! Thank you Dave Wentz for all that you do to make USANA the best!!

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