Monday, November 23, 2009

Co-Hosting the LACY Awards

Hon. Patrick E. Tondreau won the individual award.

I co-hosted the LACY (Legal Advocates for Children and Youth) awards with Don Bleu, local 101.3 FM anchor. Don was fantastic to work with! He has been on the air and doing events for 30 years.

Don Bleu

LACY, founded in 1990 by the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, works to advance the legal rights of minors, empowering them to lead healthy and productive lives. The LACY awards celebrate the of the work done by many in the community to address the problems of youth who have no voice.

Hon. Patrick E. Tondreau won the individual award for his work in the juvenile court system. He has the unique ability to see the best in youth and help them to get on the “right” path. He told me that he loves his job so much it doesn’t feel like work!

I left the luncheon very inspired by LACY and their work in our community. I believe when people are successful, they have a duty to give back, volunteer, do what they can to build stronger communities.

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